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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay $10 at every Gourmet Trail event?

No, you purchase your $10 Gourmet Trail Passport at your first venue only, this will admit entry to all Gourmet Trail events within that day. You will be issued with a glass, wristband and guide to all the Gourmet Trail events.

The Gourmet Trail Passport only applies to people drinking on the day. Children, designated drivers and non-drinkers need not purchase a Gourmet Trail Passport and will have free entry to all events.

Do I need to pre-book my Gourmet Trail Passport or can I purchase it on the day?

You can purchase it on the day from any Gourmet Trail event.

However, if you have a large group attending, we recommend that you work out which event you will be attending first and pre-book (either individually or as a group) for that event. This way the venue will know to expect you in the morning and it will also guarantee entry if the venue is at capacity.

Can I organise a bus group?

Absolutely, but please keep in mind that many venues will not accept licensed buses. If you allow for alcohol consumption on the bus you will likely be refused entry.

Can you recommend local tour operators and accommodation options?

Please explore barossa.com for options or contact the very knowledgeable at the Barossa Visitor Centre on (08)8563 0600 or visitorcentre@barossa.sa.gov.au

If organising a group charter, we suggest using LinkSA


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