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The Barossa Trust Mark at the Barossa Gourmet Weekend.

The Barossa Trust Mark recognises and celebrates excellence in food, wine and tourism offerings from across the Barossa region. It is a sign of authenticity; the mark of a genuine Barossa product or experience.

Eligibility for the Barossa Trust Mark is rigorously assessed against five standards by an independent adjudication panel of experts. When you chose a Barossa Trust Mark food, wine or tourism experience, you will know that it has met an exceptional standard against the following five criteria:

  • It has origin – our sense of place in the Barossa.
  • It has been developed with integrity – our sense of purpose and authenticity.
  • The quality achieved has been ambitiously sought after – our sense of ambition and excellence.
  • The Barossa Trust Mark is founded on the value of environment – our sense of responsibility and sustainability.
  • It belongs to a community – our sense of belonging and pride in the Barossa.

When you see the Barossa Trust Mark on our produce and products around the Barossa during Barossa Gourmet Weekend, you can be sure that the Barossa Trust Mark holder will meet and exceed your expectations.

The following Barossa Gourmet Weekend participants hold a Barossa Trust Mark for their products or experiences:

Kellermeister Wines
Events: Gourmet Curry Dinner @ Kellermeister and Gourmet Weekend at Kellermeister
Barossa Trust Mark: for their exceptional Cellar Door experience.
Learn more here.

Peter Lehmann Wines
Events: Barossa’s Biggest Picnic and Father’s Day Breakfast in the Shed
Barossa Trust Mark: Margaret Semillon
Learn more here.

Gibson Wines
Event: Gourmet at Gibson’s
Barossa Trust Mark: Australian Old Vine Collection Barossa Shiraz
Learn more here.

Pindarie Wines
Event: Gourmet on the Western Ridge
Barossa Trust Mark: for their exceptional Cellar Door experience
Learn more here.

Bethany Wines
Event: Pearl of the East
Barossa Trust Mark: GR Shiraz
Learn more here.

Chateau Tanunda
Event: Snags, Shiraz and Songs and Pork Star Dinner
Barossa Trust Mark: The Chateau 100 Year Old Vines Shiraz
Learn more here.

Seppeltsfield Wines
Event: Unearthed at Seppeltsfield
Barossa Trust Marks: Seppeltsfield Para 100 Year Old Vintage Tawny and Seppeltsfield Centenary Tour
Learn more here and here.

Barossa Farmers Market
Event: Market Big Breakfast
Barossa Trust Mark: for the Barossa Farmers Market experience
Learn more here.

Schild Estate
Events: Behind the Wines, Chocolate and Wine Tasting, Long Table Dinner in the Barrel Hall
Barossa Trust Mark: Moorooroo Limited Release Shiraz
Learn more here.

Jacob’s Creek
Event: Gourmet Breakfast at Our Table
Barossa Trust Marks: Centenary Hill Shiraz, Steingarten Riesling and the Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre
Learn more here, here, and here.

To learn more about the Barossa Trust Mark, and other authentic Barossa produce, products and experiences which hold a Trust Mark, please visit our website.